Structured Settlements Payouts

Structured settlements are a form of an annuity product structured to provide a specific financial payout over a specified period. If a lawsuit was settled for your benefit, then you may be awarded a structured settlement payout. This type of payment arrangement is common when someone was injured as the result of a personal injury, such as the following types of accidents and lawsuits:

  • Automobile
  • Slip-and-fall
  • Malpractice
  • Wrongful death
  • Product liability

Additionally, people who win the lottery also often receive their payments as an annuity, rather than getting one lump-sum distribution.

When you settle a personal injury case and receive a settlement, it often signifies the end of a long, drawn-out battle. The idea of having to wait for years or even decades to collect all of the funds you are legally entitled to can be frustrating. You may need cash to pay medical expenses or to help make up for lost income during periods when you are unable to work because of the underlying injury. If you are looking to sell structured settlement payments, it can be freeing and it can provide you with a ready source of cash to help you get back on your feet. Our financial experts at Annuity Capital, LLC, are here to help you toward the most suitable option for your needs, the judge will help you determine if structured payments or to cash out a structured settlement is in your best interest.


Get the Funds You Need with a Cash Settlement
If you decide that you do not want to wait for the money you deserve, there are multiple options available to you concerning how and when you receive your payments. When it comes to a cash-out a structured settlement, you have the opportunity to choose a partial, whole, or lump sum. Partial cash outs involve the transferring of a portion of each payment while keeping the remainder of your future stream the same. Selling structured settlement payments, or selling the entire annuity, provides you with access to a much larger cash pool, enabling you to invest your funds or make a more significant investment.

With a lump sum, you will be able to sell a certain amount of your payments now while leaving the rest of your funds available for retirement. For both partial and lump sum payments, a certain amount of cash will remain in your annuity. If you happen to encounter a circumstance wherein you are unable to wait for the scheduled payments, then you can sell your remaining payments. The flexibility of cash settlements gives you the options you need to customize your transaction to your personal financial situation.

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