What You Need to Know About Structured Settlements

If you or someone you love has been wronged and your case has gone to court, you may have been awarded a structured settlement at the end of your case. However, many people are not aware of what a structured settlement entails and how it works. Here is what you should know about structured settlements, so you or your loved one receive the justice and compensation you deserve from your case.

What is a structured settlement?

By definition, a structured settlement is a kind of annuity that pays the person who won the civil lawsuit over an extended period. This type of annuity is designed to give the plaintiff payments across a specific structure of time and is often set up to help the defendant pay a significant amount of money required for the settlement of the case. They are different from settlements that are awarded in one, large payment, and are spaced out to guarantee a steady, stream of money to the plaintiff.

How do they work?

Structured settlements work in a way that allows them to work side-by-side with someone who is experienced in this form of annuity, which is called a qualified assignee. Structured settlements are arranged through a life insurance company, and the plaintiff, defendant, and qualified assignee will construct the terms of it so that all is paid in full over time.

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3 Terms You Need to Know When Talking Annuities

Just like anything else that involves money, you need to be aware of what certain phrases mean when it comes to annuities. It does not matter if you are signing the contract for your annuity or looking to sell it, you need to be aware of what terms your contract uses so you can spend your money correctly. Here are a few words you need to be mindful of when reading over your annuity contract.

Share Class – Knowing what kind of share classes that your annuity falls under is crucial to understanding it as a whole. Share classes are what the specidifferent types of annuitiesfic stock in your annuity is classified as, and determine things like what kind of rights you have as a stock owner and what kind of fees you pay.

Roll-up – The roll-up rate is something that every annuity owner should be aware of when reading over their contract terms. Essentially, it is the percentage in which your annuity grows when you start to draw from it. Knowing your roll-up rate can help you determine just how much you need to withdraw and at what pace to do it.

Surrender fee – Another important phrase you need to learn about for your annuity is your surrender fee and what how much you would need to pay for it. This is the sum of money you must pay if you get rid of your annuity before it has reached its full maturity. This is essential to look into, especially if you are researching on how to sell your annuity.

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Is Cashing Out My Structured Settlement Right for Me?

If you have found yourself in possession of a structured settlement, weighing your options or if you should sell it or not can be overwhelming without all ofcash out structured settlement the facts. However, there are ways to decide if cashing out your structured settlement or selling your payments is the right option for you. Here are a few things to consider when determining if getting rid of your structured settlement is the correct way to go about things.

Take a look at the stipulations surrounding your settlement – To begin deciding if your structured settlement should be sold or cashed out, you need to look at the laws and requirements around it first. Federal and state law would come into play if you received your structured settlement from a workers’ compensation or injury case, in which you may need prior authorization to sell it.

Always discuss it with the professionals – Once you are aware of what regulations surround your structured settlement, it is still important to consult your options with a financial professional. Deciding on what is best for you in the current moment, as well as what will be right for you financially in the future are both things they will go over with you in detail.

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What Types of Annuities Are Available?

deferred annuityAccording to the National Capability study done by FINRA in 2016, only 37% of Americans can pass a basic financial literacy test. Financial literacy, which is the knowledge of various important financial sectors, is an area in which many people feel they need more education. In our blogs, we hope to educate our readers on various financial topics, with our first covering the different types of annuities available.

What Types of Annuities Are Out There?

Simply put, annuities are a way for people to invest in specific things or put money away, so they can someday have a steady stream of payments and income. This is usually looked at as supplemental retirement fund and can set people up for the later years of their life to live comfortably. There are a variety of different types of annuities to choose from to plan ahead for what will be best for you. However, the various kinds fall into two separate groups: deferred and immediate.

Deferred annuities – These type of annuities are set up so that your payouts are deferred after a specific amount of time. If you plan to retire at 65 and you set up your annuity at 30, you will delay your payments from the fund for 35 years.

Immediate annuities – This kind of annuities are set up so that you begin to receive payment as soon as you start investing, instead of waiting the allotted amount of time that a deferred annuity has for you to start collecting money. Many people choose an immediate annuity when they are closer to a retirement age when they decide to start investing.

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Why You Should Choose Annuity Capital, LLC

With over 20 years of combined financial experience, our staff at Annuity Capital, LLC, is ready to help you sort out your future. What separates us from annuity settlement optionsother annuity companies is that we believe that all of our clients should be treated with the same attention, respect, and care as our family members. We want your future to be financially set so you and your family can enjoy many years to come. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us at Annuity Capital, LLC to help with your annuity settlement options.

We know that each situation is different – Unlike other Structured Settlement and Annuity companies, our staff at Annuity Capital, LLC understands that each person’s situation is entirely their own. There are no two situations alike when it comes to finances, so we customize all of our annuity products and solutions based on what our client needs.

We specialize in a variety of annuities – In addition to tailoring their options based on the customer, we also specialize in many types of settlements and annuities as well. Charitable, retirement, and settlement annuities are just a few of the different kinds of things we specialize in at Annuity Capital, LLC.

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